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Re: Some prob in 2.4.0-test11

	i have included the all modules as modules and included it in.
	i doubt this is problem. will verify again.
	since both my fat partiton are not mounted , with error wrong major and
minor mumber, also eth0 is not initialized. I suspect some other

"Kondaiah (IE10)" wrote:
> I suspect there sholud proper eth0 driver for disk(which you are using).Try
> to include all eht0 drivers available in linux and add them as
> a module to the kernel and do the following things
> 1.Check it as module for kernel.
> 2.run  make menuconfig
> 3.run make dep
> 4.run make bzImage
> By using modprobe you can check it out whether the correspomding module
> included or not(It will explorer the modules).
> By using "dmessage" command you can check it whether ur eth0 detected or
> not.Here IRQ(Interrupt Request Number) should be 10 or 11.
> Thanks,

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