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Re: Re: Pointers to Documentation on Networking Aspects of Linux

Gaurav Priyolkar wrote (pgaurav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

>> An excellent C reference to linux/unix network programming is "Unix
>> Network Programming" by Richard Stevens. The 2nd edition is huge, three
>> volumes in total.
> Is Volume 3 : Applications,  out? I've got the first two volumes and thought
> the third was not yet released.

Yikes! I think I've shot myself in the foot! Probably was thinking about the
TCP/IP Illustrated series. Thanks for spotting that anyway.
You are correct, UNP vol 3 has not been published. Have a look at Stevens'
website -

Worse still, since Rich Stevens passed away last year, I don't think there
will be a UNP vol 3 :((

- Raja