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Re: Pointers to Documentation on Networking Aspects of Linux

Pradeep Hodigere wrote (p_hodigere@xxxxxxxxx):
>      I'm a web application developer using Perl and am
> fairly strong with development in C/C++ on Linux.I'm
> looking towards getting a break in the Networking
> area.
>      Would appreciate if i could get directions on
> where to look for documentation for a beginner to
> Networking.

Can you be more specific... are you interested in network programming on linux
using c/c++ (whatever)? Or are you just interested in learning how linux
networking works?

Since you have posted to a programming list, I'll assume the former.

Unix/linux is written largely in C. IMHO by writing C programs you could
understand the envorinment better than using most other languages, say perl.
C exposes many low level details that higher level languages neatly conceal.

An excellent C reference to linux/unix network programming is "Unix Network
Programming" by Richard Stevens. The 2nd edition is huge, three volumes in

Since you are a web developer you may find voulme 1 especially interesting as
it contains implementations of several network server architectures -
select/poll, forked, threaded, etc; all webservers/proxy servers fall under
one of these categories.

Well enough said, good luck and happy reading!

- Raja