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Debugging cc


You need to compile cc with debug info. The cc you are using,(I assume the
default one), does not contain any debug info. So you can not debug it.

Or better it gcc snapshot and try going thr. it . Some time ago I tried to go
thr. the parser of c++. It's hairy stuff. Partially because it's in K & R C and
partially because it's really complex.

I still wonder now there is a c++ compiler in place, why the c++ parser itself
can't be written in c++? That would be real easy to understand and maintain....
Anyway that's abhuge task...


P.S. Your mail did not have a reply to address set to lip. So I am sending a
fresh mail. Please check out your setting.

i want to see the  " cc myprog.c  "  being debugged . i did   gdb  cc  and then
set the
args as
myprog.c  . but setting a breakpoint to main isn't working,  nor break 1  .
using  run
complies the program how to
interrupt in btw to see what exactly cc is doing.