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SMTP simple is it??

Hi There!

    Is SMTP not meant for sending mails? I conneted to VSNL SMTP server (through TCP/IP in C). Sender Ok skynetin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
But it denied on Reciver mailto:panchal80@xxxxxxxxxxx or ever
mailto:skynetin@xxxxxxxx It only recognize full domain of my VSNL Account
i.e. skynetin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx What is then SMTP meant for? I've Red
Hat LINUX 6.2 on my system. Is there any problem with my host configuration?
I connect using rp3 (X interface) and net connection works well, though.

Vikas Panchal <panchal80@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Deptt. of Computer Science, MDU
Rohtak-124001 Haryana

AILU Registered Linux user #  154544