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sockets doubt - urgent

hi all,

when i telnet to a machine and give the iusername and
passwd.. and type a command "ls -l" means it will show
the lsit of files in the current directory.

istead of going for telnet i want to go for my socket
program. what i am doing is.. i create a socket first 
and i fill the sockaddr structure with the destination
machine IP address and the telent port(23).

now i send the username of the machine first using 
send(sockfd,loginname,strlen(loginname),0) and
checking for errno set. it works( means no errno set
and the data is sent). simillarly the passwd also sent
and finally i send the command in the above same way.

now ai m reading the port for any reply on the port
using recv function. i dont find any reply and the
errno is also not set.
 iam not sure whether this logic is correct. can
anybody guide me from here where i am missing the

thanx in advacne...


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