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Apache SSL


I had installed the apache-ssl-1.3.6_1.35-3.i386.rpm , which also include 
While installing the apache-ssl it will ask the openssl and perl5 is 
required to install. I had installed the openssl. But the perl5 is alredy 
installed on my machine , so I had installed this apache with --nodeps 
option. Using this I had installed apche-sll successfully.
Now I had generated the dummy certificates also and those are in its 
proper place.

when I start the apache-ssl server , it is starting also.

Now my problem is , it is not accepting any of the clients connection, 
i.e. i am not able access this server by any of the browsers by typing 
the url https://localhost

In /var/log/httpsd/error_log log file , it is giving me following error 

SSL_accept failed
child pid xxxx exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

What would be the problem.
Had I missed any of the steps while installing or generating the 

Please help me how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance


Venkat Hallale