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Re: Questions on cross-platform development...

Arsalan Zaidi proclaimed:
> Here's the three choices before you...
> 1) You can go for a cross-platform thingy like Java or Perl and save
> yourself a lot of work. You lose some performace, but the gains may be worth
> it.

Java...  maybe.  Perl...  No.  The software is closed source.

> 2) You could go for a cross platform windowing kit, but you'll still
> probably have to port the application code. Displaying shiny widgets isn't
> all that a program's supposed to do.

True.  I'm choosing wxWindows (http://www.wxwindows.org/) because it is (a)
free of GPL's infection and (b) pretty cross platform.

> 3) Design you program from the ground up to be easily portable with a clear
> seperation between presentation and application logic. Then develop for each
> platform you're interested in. Lot's of work and tedious code writing, but
> if the design's clean, it may actually end up being the best solution.

Will keep this in mind when I reach the design stage.

> Best of luck and do tell us what you finally pick. This is something I
> expect to face someday too...

BTW, I'm not giving more details yet because the project is at a...
delicate stage.  Will fill you folks in as soon as things start moving.

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