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Re: Questions on cross-platform development...


Sudhakar Chandrasekharan typed:
> Will check out the Ask Slashdot piece.  My problem with QT is the GPL 
> (not LGPL) and QPL dual-licensing.  I wish it were under LGPL.  But then 
> again, that'd mean that TrollTech would not be making money.  Binad, 
> what this means is that I can use the GPL-ed version of QT if I'm 
> developing code that is also going to be GPL-ed (The GPL virus at work). 
>   If I'm developing commercial, closed-source applications using QT, I'd 
> have to buy developer license from TrollTech under QPL.

Why don't you have a go at "wxWindows" - http://wxwindows.org/
The MIDI sequencer I use (jazz++ - http://jazzware.com) uses this -
it's cross-platform on Windows and Linux, and wxWin supports Mac as
well. I'm not sure about the licensing issue, just take a look at the
site IAC.

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