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Somethings about libraries..

Hello All

Watching thread on libraries, I had some (old) questions

1)I believe that when multiple apps use same shared library, only one copy of
library is maintained in memory unless library code area is writable.
2)Same goes for applications. If I run two bash session for example, they share same
code area.

Please tell me whether I am right here....

3)If above two assumptions are true(meaning memory is utilised most effectively),
referring to memory statistics on my home PC, where out 62MB memory, 36MB is shown
as shared, are linux binaries bloated or they contain much more extra
functionality?  I am running single KDE session in this example, no apps loaded
except KMP3...:-)). Also how does it manage then on 16MB and 32 MB PC with same
things running?

Now some OT part...

I read a link
about dll hells. I feel so happy that I am using linux, an OS that knows how to
protect apps from each other.... But it contains some good description of a stupid
implementation. I think it's worth of one read...