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Re: Questions on cross-platform development...

Hello Thaths

I read quiet a few mail son this thread.

I think Qt is good choice. The C++ extensions, Arsalan ia talking about are
signals and slot and I find them useful. They fit nicely in c++.

Besides if you use cygwin, then you will have all the GNU tools, plus makefile
compatibility too. But don't know if that suffice for interacting with native,
VC++ compiled programs.

My two paisa...


Sudhakar Chandrasekharan wrote:

> Guys,
> I have a whole bunch of questions on developing a product to be cross
> platform from ground up:
> 1. The product is going to have GUI portions to it.  I do not want to to
> be developing seperate GUIs for WinDOS (NT and 9x), Linux etc.  The only
> cross-platform toolkit I've heard of is Qt.  A developer license for
> Enterprise edition of Qt is not too expensive.  Are there other cross
> platform tooklits (preferably one that provides C bindings) that are
> licensed under a BSD-style license?  Are there commercial ones available?
> 2. Makefiles.  Is there a cross platform make?  I don't mind using
> CygWin make as long as it can interact with the M$ compiler.
> 3. Is it possible to write cross platform code without every using
> #ifdef PLATFORMs?