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Re: r u looking for a challenging job?

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Suku maran wrote:

> Hi:
> I like to introduce myself as the Executive-HR of one
> of the fastest growing IT Company at Chennai.  We are
> into the business of providing eServices to global
> clients. Since we offer services to Global clients, we
> do not restrict ourselves to any one platform. We work
> in all areas MS, SUN and Linux platform. However, our
> strengths are currently in MS and SUN Java platforms,
> we are in the process of building a Linux core team.
> We are looking for people interested in working in the
> following areas:
> JavaScript, XML, VC++, JAVA, ASP, EJB, COM+, SQL
> Server, Oracle 8i, WebLogic, MTS, WebLoad, IIS,
> Apache, Netscape Server & Linux.
> We are looking for bright young people with atleast 2
> plus years of experience, who like to be challenged
> and look for a great environment to work to grow our
> business.
> Salary will not be a problem for the right person.
> Attractive benefits too.
> Post me your interest along with your resume.
> Looking forward for an early reply.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Shuku.
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