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Re: how to find out new mails from POP3 server.

> I assume it is a POP server that your software is talking to.  It is not
> possible to find out how many unread messeges there are stored in a a
> POP server.  The POP server does not store any flags with each messege
> about whether it was read or unread.  As far as the POP server is
> concered, every messege is an unread messege.
> The way software like Netscape Messenger get around this is by
> maintaining a local copy of all the messeges on the server and marking
> the local copies with read/unread flags.
> Thaths

  But fetchmail does have a -c options by which it just checks for new
mails. Must be storing something ( mail-id?) surreptiously, i have to