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Re: how to find out new mails from POP3 server.

abhishek proclaimed:
>       I am developing messenger type application. Now i want when ever
> user login he/she will be presented the number of new messages on the mail
> server.My problem is i am able to retrive the total number of mails but
> how can i differentiate the new (unread) mails from it. Is there any flags
> by which i can differentiate the read and unread mails.

I assume it is a POP server that your software is talking to.  It is not
possible to find out how many unread messeges there are stored in a a
POP server.  The POP server does not store any flags with each messege
about whether it was read or unread.  As far as the POP server is
concered, every messege is an unread messege.

The way software like Netscape Messenger get around this is by
maintaining a local copy of all the messeges on the server and marking
the local copies with read/unread flags.