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RE: Corba vs RPC.

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#From: Arsalan Zaidi [mailto:arsalan_zaidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]

Hi Arsalan,

#I'm thinking of implementing a project using RPCs, however, I've just
#started to read about CORBA and it seems very interesting...

trust me, it is !!

#Anyone here used CORBA? If so, how does it compare to RPCs in 

depends on your App and staffing/stub code.
There are Real Time ORBs, which are good !

#Is the standard stable enough and are there Open Source ORBs 
#available on a
#variety of platforms?

Take a look at http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt/TAO.html
TAO (pronounced 'dao') is what you want :-) This is a real time, open source
ORB strictly compliant to the RT-CORBA standard.
The perf is good and you will learn a whole lot more of C++/objects while
doing CORBA than you would doing RPC (procedural). Skim thru the site for
great material.You can also consider joining the mailing list. Stuff
compiles on a variety of pltfms including "RedHat Linux 6.2"

#Any other info which might help me make up my mind...
#Thanks in advance. I guess I'll have more Q's as I continue to read the

Which book are you reading ?
Try the one by Alan Pope .. The CORBA Reference guide.. for a theoretical

Regards and all the best