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Re: Happy Diwali

Amarendra GODBOLE forced the electrons to say:
> > I hope not to see again this kind of message in the linux newsgroups....
> Why not ? 

Because it is OT here, it is unwanted, it just floods the list and many more

> Should I prove mathematically that given the number of festivals, the 
> total subscribers and the subscribers who send wishes, do _NOT_ flood
> the newsgroup ? ;-)

Well, so far I am concerned, even a single OT posting constitutes

> Think about it and try to respect sentiments behind the greetings.

What sentiments? That someone, whom I don't even know, is wasting my
hard earned bandwidth - bandwidth that I have reserved to learn more
about the Linux operating system - for absolutely irrelevant and frivolous

Diwali greetings have a place, I admit - but not in a mailing list that
has in its charter 'Discussion of issues related to programming in Linux'.

My INR 0.02.


PS: Suresh - take over from there :)

The prompt for all occasions:
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