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Re: Happy Diwali

On Wed, Oct 25, 2000, the greycells of mamuneeb@xxxxxxxxxxx expressed:

> I hope not to see again this kind of message in the linux newsgroups....

Why not ? 

> If we go on wishing each other on festivals, there are plenty of them.
> Imagine if everyone sends a message on their festival , the linux newsgroup will
> be flooded
> with these messages only......

Should I prove mathematically that given the number of festivals, the 
total subscribers and the subscribers who send wishes, do _NOT_ flood
the newsgroup ? ;-)

> Atleast I haven't subscribed to linux programmers newsgroup to received this
> kind of message...

Think about it and try to respect sentiments behind the greetings.
> what say ???

Said already.

> -muneeb

Amar :-)

Amarendra GODBOLE <root@xxxxxxxxx>      
Good judgement comes from experience, 
Experience comes from bad judgement.