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Re: snmpwalk command is not found

Ramesh forced the electrons to say:
> only packages wiht major numbers <= 3 are supported by
> this version of RPM. error. unable to install.

OK. I guess too many people on this list have faced this problem.

rpm 3.0.4, the version that shipped with RHL 6.2, supported only packages that
were conformant to RPM packaging format version 3. Later on, the RPM packaging
format version 4 was released, and rpm 3.0.6 onwards build RPMs in this new
version. So, if a package was built using rpm 3.0.6 or later, then it will not
install under older rpm versions.

The solution? Grab the RPM of rpm 3.0.6 from www.rpm.org, and upgrade your
system. rpm 3.0.6 is the first version that understands both RPM 3 and RPM 4



PS: Crossposted to LIH, as this is more on topic there. Follow-ups there,

The prompt for all occasions:
export PS1="F:\$(pwd | tr '/[a-z]' '\134\134[A-Z]')> "
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