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Re: snmpwalk command is not found

Hi Ramesh,
  I think I know where the problem lies...the latest packages for Redhat
are in rpm4 format which is incompatible with those with Redhat 6.2.
When trying to install the ucd_snmp package you must have downloaded the
rpms for either rawhide or redhat 7.0 so they are
incompatible..scrolldown to find Redhat 6.2 i386 and download that
package..it should work..That is the only case this error could have

Aravind S
Ramesh wrote:

> thanx for ur response. but in my machime when i tried
> to install the ucd_snmp_utils_4.1.1-2RPM for 1386 it
> asked for ucd_snmp package. i dowloaded that thing
> also
> and when i tried to install this this shows an error
> like
> only packages wiht major numbers <= 3 are supported by
> this version of RPM. error. unable to install.
> this is the error message. kindly instruct me what to
> do....
> ramesh
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