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Re: Servlets

if scalabilty and spped is concern. one can try resin ( www.caucho.com)
it is also an open source project. i coems for linux platform
also it has xml as well as ejb support

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> You can run servlets in two ways under linux, either by using a webserver
> that supports servlets, like the java web server, or netscape iPlanet
> server, or u can run servlets on an application server and link it to
> apache! the popular commercial ones are IBM WebSphere and Unify e-wave
> ServletExec. and the freeware/open source ones are Jserv and Tomcat (both
> are subprojects of the apache group). the only problem with jserv is that it
> supports only servlet api 2.0, whereas tomcat supports the latest 2.2
> servlet api and the v1.1 jsp api. Also tomcat is the official referrence
> implementation of the latest servlet/jsp specs!!
> Here at our organization we are using Tomcat 3.1 and 3.2 beta 4, and till
> now we haven't had problems with it. the only problem that tomcat has is
> that it is not as scalable or fast as the commercial servlet engines...
> > How can i run servlets on Linux.
> > And what are the other Web Servers available for Linux.
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