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Re: Servlets

You can run servlets in two ways under linux, either by using a webserver
that supports servlets, like the java web server, or netscape iPlanet
server, or u can run servlets on an application server and link it to
apache! the popular commercial ones are IBM WebSphere and Unify e-wave
ServletExec. and the freeware/open source ones are Jserv and Tomcat (both
are subprojects of the apache group). the only problem with jserv is that it
supports only servlet api 2.0, whereas tomcat supports the latest 2.2
servlet api and the v1.1 jsp api. Also tomcat is the official referrence
implementation of the latest servlet/jsp specs!!

Here at our organization we are using Tomcat 3.1 and 3.2 beta 4, and till
now we haven't had problems with it. the only problem that tomcat has is
that it is not as scalable or fast as the commercial servlet engines...
> How can i run servlets on Linux.
> And what are the other Web Servers available for Linux.

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