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Re: Implementation of Data Link Layer protocols


The location of the home page seems to have changed since I was last
there and there seems to be a new version out.

As far as I remember I got the ns-allinone package. If you are going
to download 24 MB, I guess another 7 MB wont hurt anyway :-)
IIRC, compiling the thing on Linux used to be a bit of a pain,
required hacking around in the Makefile a bit. It doesnt use
autoconf/automake. But things might have improved since that time.

About the simulator itself; it is a discrete time/discrete event
simulator that allows you to model custom protocols, topologies etc
etc And since you have the code, you could theoretically model almost
anything, given sufficient effort ..... 

If you have specific questions, mail me directly. I think this is
getting a bit offtopic ....


Gaurav Priyolkar writes:
 > > NS home page is
 > > http://www-mash.cs.berkeley.edu/ns/
 > >
 > Thanks for the tip.
 > I just checked out the site and it does seem very interesting. Can you tell
 > me more about the simulators capabilities? Just the ns source alone is a
 > massive 23.66 megs ... so can you confirm if ns-src-2.1b6.tar.gz was all
 > that you downloaded.
 > -Gaurav.
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