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Re: perl script not writting to file

    this is most probably because the web server in your system is run
as the user "nobody" - well, apache on default runs that way. And, the
file that you've created might not be belonging to "nobody" - or any
user that your web server is running as.
Two solutions, could be:

  1. Re-start web server with your user id (this might require admin
  2. Create the file in your CGI script itself.

I have not tried any of these though :-)


Shubhendu wrote:

> hi all
>             i have recently started perl/cgi, i m traying to write
> some data ,got from cgi program in a file thorugh perl script ,
> if file permitions are set 766 (i.e. write permition for all )
> then the program works fine otherwise it writes nothig in file
> what should i do ?
> is it possible to do it with SSI if yes WHO ?
> shubh
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