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Re: Implementation of Data Link Layer protocols

I don't know if ppp.c or slip.c really constitute the Data Link Layer in
a protocol stack. My idea is they do not.

Well, by definition Data Link Layer's job is provide an error-free link
layer. By implication this means, DLL should take care of out of sequence
delivery of frames by the physical layer, or erroneous delivery of the
frames by the physical layer. More often than not, DLL is implemented
in the hardware. Network cards generally have their own processor
and memory as well as framing logic including error detection, correction.

Yeah, DLL can be written using C and compiled for a particular processor
architecture- depends on which one is used.

My cents worth :-)


Amit Goel wrote:

> > Data Link Layer protocols.
> > AFAICT, for communication between two machines, sockets cannot be used in
> > this case as use of TCP or UDP sockets would mean the use of a Transport
> or
> > Network Layer service respectively which is not allowed as only services
> Of course using sockets means u r using transport layer services and
> programming application layer.
> if u implement sockets that means u r using ip layer and programming
> transport layer.
> If u want to write at data link layer .. consider implementing ppp.c or
> slip.c
> amit
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