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Re: [OT]SPAM Mail on this list

Dear Mr. Ponnaiyan,

On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 04:09:08PM +0530, Vivekananda Ponnaiyan typed:

>  I thought that this was suppoused to be a mailing list for programmers
> not HR consultants ....

>  To Mr Babu Kalakrishnan .. kindly desist from sending such mails on
> this
> list again. This list is for Linux Programmers who want to learn from 
> each other ... a place to disscuss "programming" and related issues...

With due respect to the programmer in you :

Please read the posting guidelines on the various LI mailing lists
before you outrightly condemn my mail as Spam.

The mail was commercial in nature, I agree, but the subject clearly
specifies that. The intention of clearly specifying this in the subject
line is so that people who don't want to see such material need not open
the mail at all if so desired.

I posted this on the LIP list (and not the LIH) because I realize that
the sort of expertise I require is available here. After all I guess
you'd also agree that programmers also need jobs to earn a living -
don't you ?


For your information, I'm not an HR Consultant by profession. (Not
that I look down on HR consultants, they also do serve a purpose in