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[Commercial] Programmers / System Integrators required at various levels

A U.S. based company aspiring to be a world leader in delivery of
Internet services via Satellite to Cable subscribers is setting up its
development center in Bangalore and requires personnel at various levels
with expertise in one or more of the following areas.

    - Cache Server design, WCCP 
    - Web search engines
    - Internet Security
    - Device Drivers
    - Web Redirectors / Content switches
    - Traffic shapers

Strong fundamentals of internet protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP,
HTTP, FTP etc is essential. Should be conversant in C, C++, HTML, and
development in Linux/Unix environment. A minimum of 2 years of
experience in the area is desired. 

All openings are likely to be for the Bangalore Facility. Salaries will
be on par with the best in the industry.

Please send detailed Resumes with salary expected to
sankya@xxxxxxxx or kalakrishnan@xxxxxxxx