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Re: Partition problems!

   The problem is, 

You are having your Boot Records beyond 1024 Cylinders.
LILO can read boot records within 1024 Cylinders.

The best thing is to have Linux instaled on first partition and the
remaining .....

There is a very good link on LILO, 

Syed Khaleelulla.
On 29 Sep 2000 shantanu_gwl@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

+Hi Linux Gurus out there, please help a Linux-newbie.
+I tried to install RedHat Linux 6.22 on my PC with following configuration :
+    P-III (550 MHz)
+    Seagate 20.4 GB HDD
+    128 MB RAM (1 MB is shared for AGP)
+    Motherboard Azza (in-board AGP, i810 chipset)
+    Logitech scroll mouse (PS/2 port)
+    LG 550 (15") monitor
+    Creative Vision MM kit (Creative-Vibra sound card)
+    I have already created the following partitions on the HDD :
+    6 GB (Main partition containing Win 98)
+    9 GB (Extended partition for Win 98)
+    4.5 GB (un-formatted, for Linux installation)
+    Now the problem is that when I tried to load RHL, the graphic install simply didn't work, reporting some problem, which scrolled out of screen so fast that I could not see it. Nextly, it didn't offer to create the required partitions automatically, rather it prompted me to do so manually. When I tried to do the same, it kept telling me "Boot partition too big" error, even after successfully creating the (Swap) and the (/) partitions. The trouble was alone with the (/boot) partition. What could be the reason ? And why didn't the graphic install work ?
+    To my surprise, the RHL installation was a breeze on my friend's PC (10.2 GB HDD, with primary Win partition of 6 GB, and the remaining 3.8 GB for Linux which was left unpartitioned). The motherboard was Sis620 based. The install was totally automatic there. I'm amazed what went wrong in my case!
+    I would be very grateful for the help from you. You may also like to mail the reply to <shantanu_gwl.rediffmail.com>
+    Any suggestions for good reference books on Linux for the beginners who are interested in software development in Linux. Thank in advance!