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Partition problems!

Hi Linux Gurus out there, please help a Linux-newbie.

I tried to install RedHat Linux 6.22 on my PC with following configuration :

    P-III (550 MHz)
    Seagate 20.4 GB HDD
    128 MB RAM (1 MB is shared for AGP)
    Motherboard Azza (in-board AGP, i810 chipset)
    Logitech scroll mouse (PS/2 port)
    LG 550 (15") monitor
    Creative Vision MM kit (Creative-Vibra sound card)

    I have already created the following partitions on the HDD :

    6 GB (Main partition containing Win 98)
    9 GB (Extended partition for Win 98)
    4.5 GB (un-formatted, for Linux installation)

    Now the problem is that when I tried to load RHL, the graphic install simply didn't work, reporting some problem, which scrolled out of screen so fast that I could not see it. Nextly, it didn't offer to create the required partitions automatically, rather it prompted me to do so manually. When I tried to do the same, it kept telling me "Boot partition too big" error, even after successfully creating the (Swap) and the (/) partitions. The trouble was alone with the (/boot) partition. What could be the reason ? And why didn't the graphic install work ?

    To my surprise, the RHL installation was a breeze on my friend's PC (10.2 GB HDD, with primary Win partition of 6 GB, and the remaining 3.8 GB for Linux which was left unpartitioned). The motherboard was Sis620 based. The install was totally automatic there. I'm amazed what went wrong in my case!

    I would be very grateful for the help from you. You may also like to mail the reply to <shantanu_gwl.rediffmail.com>

    Any suggestions for good reference books on Linux for the beginners who are interested in software development in Linux. Thank in advance!


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