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Re: RPC or TCP/IP?

Could be, but even FTP can be made transparent. For. e.g. in Emacs, you can
transparently open up a file using ftp, edit it and then save it...

Any other possible reasons?



> Arsalan Zaidi wrote:
> > Is there any compelling reason to use RPC's instead of TCP/IP
> > directly? Both NFS and CODA use RPCs.
> >
> > ... why can't I sent the command over as plain text and have it
> > interpreteded and executed on the server? e.g. FTP ...
> Maybe transparency maintenance is the issue. Say when you've mounted
> a NFS volume, you just chdir to that directory and say "ls". It
> really doesn't matter what listing you see is on local machine or on
> a remote one. But in case of FTP (as in your example) you have to
> be aware of the fact `I am now on a remote machine'.
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