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Re: Web Server Info Reqd


	'Apache' is already installed on your box, or is on your CD. First
install that and then edit the /etc/httpd.conf file. If you want to enable
PHP you might need to enable the proper cgi-bin directory for PHP in
httpd.conf . Also you might need to install some more packages to enable
'asp' (check PCQCD or freshmeat). The Apache docs are available in html
format with the apache package. Also there is a book by O'Reilly (probably
no Indian edition).

best wishes,

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Paramdeep Singh wrote:

> Hi Friends,
> I have recently joined this List.
> I am looking for your precious advice for setting my my web server on linux
> as I want to host some commercial sites on my Linux Machine.
> My only problem is that I do not know about the web features provided by
> Linux as I have mostly worked on Windows platfoms(IIS,Site Server).
> I would greatly appreciate your advice on how to go about this.
> Thanks and regards
> Paramdeep singh
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