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Re: is this possible

Hi there,
     hmmm....wonder why you need that. I guess security is not very
important in your setup. You can suid your shell script to root.

As for making the script only executable via your s/w...that'll be a lil
more tricky.
Because it has user execute permissions ( your first requirement )


Sojan James
IBM Global Services,
Linux Competency Centre
Ph:  91- 80 - 5267117 ext 3027


    i have to create logins to the linux box through my s/w..... basically
front end which automates the process of adding users... a call to a shell
script which has the adduser command in it.

    now, this shell script will not always be run by the root of the system
but by the super user of my s/w..... who will not be the root of the
how can this be made possible ??

    also the script must not be allowed to run from the prompt but should
allowed to be run only from my s/w... can this be made possible ??