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How to print to file in svgalib?


	I've been struggling to get an output of my screen graphics for
the last 2 months. I just need a picture in jpg/png ( a screenshot). How
do I do this?

	I am running at 1024x768 at 256 colors (mode 12)

	I can dump a 1024x768 byte memory to file which I fill with
	I can also get a color table of 768 bytes with
	I save these dumps to file and use netpbm's
raw2gif -s 1024 768 -p color_table_file memory_dump_file > out.gif
	This gives just a bluish-green 1024x768 box (every time). The
svgalib maintainer had suggested something like the above and also said
that one has to define color tables properly.

Can someone help? TIA,

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