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Re: how to change password.


vishwanath kalbagilmath typed:
>    I am developing a module called password manager,
> in which i will be managing the password issue in
> whole the system.
> I get a username oldpassword and new password through
> mails and i should update them at the OS level i mean
> in /etc/passwd and also in /etc/shadow files.

Dear Sir,

Please give me detailed specifications about how to use this email
based password changing scheme, and where to send my mails etc, so
that I can change the password for all your users.

Thanking you,
Yours jokingly.

;-) Actually - this is *not* a good idea. Maybe you could make a PGP
key at the server, and make the users encrypt all the mails sent - with
that public key. At the server end, it gets decrypted automatically
(make the key without a passphrase) with the help of the private key,
and then do the password changing operation.

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