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Re: oracle on linux vs. oracle on NT/win

hi rohit
thanks a ton buddy, would appreciate if u can send some 'live code'
probably a small program that returns few rows from database, also if u
r using linux machines , then what  web-server ... offline ofcourse. for
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Rohit Singh wrote:
> Hi Rajeev,
> As you are planning to use JSPs/Servlets, I can answer from that
> perspective...
> > i am asking all this bcuz say, i have a web-server ( say apache+tomcat)
> > running on linux machines , but we want to use our same oracle server on
> > NT , then how do we connect to this oracle database thru jsp pages on
> > the web-server running on linux machines.
> >
> You can connect to the Oracle server on NT using JDBC: This suits you as
> you are using Java (Servlets/JSPz)... You can use the OracleJDBC (Class
> 4) driver for connecting to the Oracle database on the NT machine. The
> drivers are available for that.

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