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Re: oracle on linux vs. oracle on NT/win

Hi Rajeev,

As you are planning to use JSPs/Servlets, I can answer from that

> i am asking all this bcuz say, i have a web-server ( say apache+tomcat)
> running on linux machines , but we want to use our same oracle server on
> NT , then how do we connect to this oracle database thru jsp pages on
> the web-server running on linux machines.

You can connect to the Oracle server on NT using JDBC: This suits you as
you are using Java (Servlets/JSPz)... You can use the OracleJDBC (Class
4) driver for connecting to the Oracle database on the NT machine. The
drivers are available for that.

You'll be using some code like this:

   try {
     Class.forName ("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver");
     String lsURL ="jdbc:oracle:thin:@your.Nt.Servername:1521:orcl";
     dbCon = DriverManager.getConnection(lsURL);
     System.out.println("****----New Connection returned----***");
   catch(ClassNotFoundException cne)



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