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Re: Magic Garden: Explained

On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 07:56:53PM +0530, Syed Khader Vali wrote:
> anybody help me with obtaining a copy of it.

I have one and I've reviewed it for this list once before. It's
basically a code commentary of an outdated code base. 

> Or can anybody suggest another book which is as good as the above one
> ?  Does the book by Uresh Vahalia cover the same topic or is it
> different ? 

Vahalia's book focusses on concepts, rather than the code. In fact, it
has almost zero code. It also is a comparision between SVR4, Solaris,
Mach and BSD. Again, I'd consider Vahalia's book as a book for advanced
audience which is already familiar with how kernels are written.

If you're comfortable with undergrad level OS stuff (Peterson etc), then
I'd highly recommend Kirk McKusick's 4.4 BSD book.

I own all of these books and if I were to read them again, I'd read them

1. Undergrad OS text
2. 4.4 BSD book
3. Uresh Vahalia's book

and if I'm using a SVR4 derivative like Solaris or UnixWare, 

4. Magic garden explained

Of course, there are a bunch of USENIX papers, which will be very useful,
if you were to focus on any specific area in the kernel.