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Re: information on how to program keybord under linux

Hi aditya,

You can do it in curses, after setting the mode ti cbreak and raw mode.
I have written the nibbles program for two people in Linux using curses and it
works fine
If you need the same let me know and i will send you the code.
Also in FreeBSD , you can trap the keyboard characters and redirect it to a
file or do domething
with it ( like creating a game ) check out script.c  / ( come code taken from R
Steven's book UNIX network
programming chapter pseudo terminals )


Adityan Murthy wrote:

> Hi all,
> I need to program the keybord for a game so it has continous inputs. I need
> something similar to installing an interrupt service handler for keybord in
> dos.
> Adityan
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