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Inline assembly syntax in gcc...

Hi all,

Can anyone point out the way inline assembly is used in gcc? In particular
I am confused about the following kind of code in the kernel.

    asm volatile ("movl  %%cr4, %0\n\t"
              "movl  %0, %1\n\t"
              "andb  $0x7f, %b1\n\t"
              "movl  %1, %%cr4\n\t"
              : "=r" (ctxt->cr4val), "=q" (tmp) : : "memory");

OR like this....

    asm volatile ("movl  %%cr0, %0\n\t"
          "orl   $0x40000000, %0\n\t"
          "movl  %0, %%cr0\n\t"
          : "=r" (tmp) : : "memory");

I am particularly confused about the colons and the "=r" and stuff like


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