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Re: guidance

>     in my Frame i want to detect that the mouse has been moved over a
> button. ( i am programming in java ) how can this be acheived ?

Hi, there are (atleast) two ways to do this:

#1: Use a MouseMotionListener or Adapter
button.addMouseMotionListener(new MouseMotionAdapter() {
   public void mouseMoved(MouseEvent evt) {
      //... do what you want with mosue movements...

You can use a separate class that implements MouseMotionListener too.
(Here ive used an anonymous inner class)

#2: Subclass Button and enableEvents(AWTEvent.MOUSE_EVENT) in its
constructor after calling super().

Then add a method for processing the mouse event:

public void processMouseEvent( Mouse Event e) {

As for your other Question...
>     i have an object 'a'( say a frame ) and in it another object 'b' ( say
> a
> button ). now 'a' can be the actionlistener of 'b'. is it possible that 'b'
> can be its own actionlistener ? 'b' is a button.

Yes It's possible... you can use addActionListener(this) provided that
class implements the ActionListener interface.

Hope this helps,