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RE: guidance

regarding the catching mouse event
depends upon which jdk you are using if it more than jdk1.0 then you can
action listener to the button and then capture the event and see wether it
sis mouse over
or something

see i think re think what you are trying to ask in second question
please elaborate it or probalby if you can write your second coded in
language and tell what you are tryign to achieve

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    in my Frame i want to detect that the mouse has been moved over a
button. ( i am programming in java ) how can this be acheived ?

    i have an object 'a'( say a frame ) and in it another object 'b' ( say a
button ). now 'a' can be the actionlistener of 'b'. is it possible that 'b'
can be its own actionlistener ? 'b' is a button.

- chetu

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