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Re: Browser

>>>>> "Rohit" == Rohit Singh <rohitsingh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >>  You have lynx || links || w3m || Mozilla What do you want
    >> Netscape or -ANY- GUI browser for?

    Rohit> Okay, even if Lynx is good, it does NOT replace GUI
    Rohit> browsers. Lynx does not support Frames, it doesn't support

	I didn't quite say "Lynx replaces Netscape" -- You failed to
note what I said in my email -- I'll say it again, "Why do you *NEED*
a gui to read text?"

    Rohit> File-upload... It doesnt help in case of Java applets and
    Rohit> JavaScript, it ain't GUI!

	Don't use file-upload on your browser -- you should be using
the "right" package -- ncftp or somesuch.

	As for JavaScript/Java Applets -- its a purely personal Choice 
.. this browser thing... you should really be using what you want/are
comfortable with -- *I* personally don't dabble with frames/java
script -- infact, so much so is my aversion to all this that I refuse
to look at any page that is lynx-incompatible. Read the article by ESR 
where he says/advocates all this with reasons/backing -- I'm too
tired/lazy and don't remember all of it, to quote the entire thing --
but the reason is there.

    Rohit> Netscape for Linux IS a memory hog, and there's no escaping
    Rohit> from this fact. Perhaps we'll have to wait for M$ to start
    Rohit> shiping IE for Linux ;)

	Yeah. that's *MY* point now <grin> ... Lynx is *NOT* a memory
hog -- what do you do on a console ? Run Netscape ? Well... *shrug* -- 
truthfully, a real system administrator should be able to compose/read 
emails with just a telnet client, work full-time on a console,
... shouldn't be crippled by personal preferences/choices like, "If I
don't have XEmacs, I can't create a .txt ..." ... *I* personally
prefer XEmacs too ... but it doesn't mean I can't create a file with
fairly comfortable ease using vi ... Again, *shrug* this is the way
*I* look at things -- Another notable thing is when people switch to
OpenBSD if ever they do -- I don't know how FreeBSD works here -- they 
notice that they dont have the bash <TAB> complete ... and begin
bitching about it... Well, if you're going to be a weenie wanting a
GUI, and a mouse with which to click everything, and auto-mount and
auto-everything .. then stick to windows... 

	Again, this is entirely *my* opinion and there is really no
benchmark to all this -- personally, I won't respect a sys admin which 
needs all these kinda tools to do basic housekeeping tasks.

    Rohit> What's Mozilla btw? It's Netscape aka Mozilla afaik.  Type
    Rohit> about:mozilla in the Netscape Location bar and see for
    Rohit> yourself...

	You also probably want to look at "The Cathedral And the Bazaar" by 
ESR, which supposedly made Netscape go open-source.. 

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