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Re: Browser

>     Rajesh> becomes shabby in Linux. Can't we make Linux at least a
>     Rajesh> bit more Browser Friendly ?
>         You have lynx || links || w3m || Mozilla
>         What do you want Netscape or -ANY- GUI browser for? 

Okay, even if Lynx is good, it does NOT replace GUI browsers. Lynx does
not support Frames, it doesn't support File-upload... It doesnt help in
case of Java applets and JavaScript, it ain't GUI!

Netscape for Linux IS a memory hog, and there's no escaping from this
fact. Perhaps we'll have to wait for M$ to start shiping IE for Linux ;)

What's Mozilla btw? It's Netscape aka Mozilla afaik.
in the Netscape Location bar and see for yourself...