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Re: tar file containing linux complete sourc

hi rangeeela,

going to a website isnt really reqd for a few
for ex, the chip redhat 6.0 CD has the kernel -source
in the form of an RPM. just installing it will put the
bzipped kernel and some docs on your machine.

the kernel will be installed in
/usr/source/Redhat/SOURCES if i remember correctly.
the extension for the kernel source file wll be bz2.
so u should also have bzip installed to uncompress it.
(it is again on the chip cd as an RPM :-)
--- Rakesh Tiwari <tiwarirakesh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: >
rangeela wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >         Can anyone suggest me any url or ftp site
> where i can have
> linux
> > source code in compressed form (say in few tar or
> .gz file). For sites
> like
> > Linux kernel archives and other you have to
> individually download each
> file.
> > Any other source to save bandwith.
> >
> http://www.kernel.org is the answer
> Regards
> Rakesh Tiwari
> --

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