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Re: Re: Do's and don'ts in C programming

On Fri, 19 May 2000, Sthitaprajna wrote:

> On 16 May 00, at 21:17, Syed Khader Vali wrote:
> > Anybody here knows where I can find the do's and don'ts in C
> > programming. url link's would be great.
> > For E.g.: using 'gets' is not good for a program's health et al.
> Not quite sure about the urls for this, but I can tell you a great 
> book that is ~just~ for what you want..
> "Expert C Programming - Deep C Secrets" - Peter van der Linden
> It is a book that comes after K&R. Nice style....I've also heard of 

	This book is nice. But Mr.Peter van der Linden tries to
be a bit too humorous. Only other complaint is about the price.
Somebody told 'Harbison and Steele, C A reference manual' is now
the definitive standard on C. Again, I don't think Indian editions
are available.