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Re: Form validation using perl]]

Aravind Balasubramanian proclaimed:
> I am doing an application project with Perl as
> front-end & MySQL as database in Linux based platform.So all validations
> while entering data in a form has to be done in Perl itself.When user
> enters data in form, each field has to be validated before moving to
> next field.
> Her client uses ( and wants to continue to use ) old 386 / 486 and *VT
> 100 terminals*  to do some routine data entry work for which my
> colleague is writing the code. So this limitation has to be kept in
> mind. She also tried doing the same using forms in curses but without
> much luck. She is not under any compulsion to use Perl or ncurses forms
> and can use any programming language available in linux. Since the
> volume of data entry to be done is huge the fact that validation of any
> particular field is done only after the form is completly entered,
> limits the speed of the data entry operator. So she has to find a way to
> validate fields as and when it is entered, to make the life of the data
> entry operator easier. This is where my friend is stuck.

<Caution.  I have never hacked ncurses.>

The goal is to do field validation upon certain conditions (say, a user
finishing typing in info into a particular field and moving to another
field).  You need some kind of event handling to do this.

A cursory glance through the Curses::Forms documentation (see under section
titled 'bind') tells me that it is possible to do field validation under
certain conditions.

I recommend reading the docs on Curses, Curses::Forms and Curses::Widgets


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