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Freesoftware movement in Tamil * lecture at MIT


  Dr. V Venkataramanan (Japan) is giving a lecture on "Free Software
Movement in Tamil" at MIT, Chennai. Here is the schedule:

Date:  9th May 2000 (tuesday) (IST)

Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm (IST)

Venue: MIT-Aeronautical Engg. Dept. Seminar Hall 

By: Dr. V. Venkataramanan
    Microwave Physics Laboratory
    The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
    Wako-Shi, Saitama.  JAPAN

Organised by: AU-KBC Centre, MIT, Chennai.

About the speaker: 
> DrV Venkataramanan got his Ph.D. from IISc, Bangalore , in the
> field  of
> Laser. He did post-doctoral research at Glasgow, Portugal before his
> current position In Japan at Microwave Physics Lab. He maintains (keys
> in, does the HTML work and designs) a website in Tamil called
> "Kaviccilanthi". He has the talent for writing veNpA, vanjippA and
> such classical verses. he has written popular articles on scince and
> technology in Thamizh in the internet magazine "Thinnai" Some of his
> poems and one short story have appeared in aaRaamthiNai.

synopsis of the talk: 

The term free software (as against freeware) has a larger meaning.  It
indicates the absence of strings, whatsoever, attached to the software.
The source codes are open for anyone to modify and innovate.  If the free
software has not carved a niche market (??) for itself, it has helped to
keep the commercial exploitation by mega corporations in check.  

For a country like india, free software is the only viable long term
solution.  The very nature of the open source provides room for easy
manipulation to different language user interfaces.  However, no one has
really attempted to exploit the free software in india.  Though belated,
the free software movement is catching up fast in tamil.  This talk will
highlight some of the achievements from the volunteers.

The Project Gutenberg analog in tamil - Project Madurai is undergoing an
explosive growth.  Unparalled in any other language of the world,
volunteers have published hitherto unpublished classics of the first
millennium directly in the electronic format.  Project Madurai growth has
also spurred developments in other areas including convergence towards a
standard code, free tamil fonts and editors.  

The next logical step is providing a free, stable and powerful operating
system.  Efforts are already underway to convert the K Desktop Environment
of the xwindow user friendly interface of unix and unix like operating
systems like linux.  

This talk will highlight efforts made hitherto and the directions for the
future.  An invitation is extended to contribute to this free software
movement in tamil.

All interested guys are most welcome to this lecture.  Sorry for the last
minute announcement.

How to reach MIT:
From AirPort:

  * Goto tirusulam railway station opposite to airport. catch a electric
train to Chromepet Station. It is the second station from airport.
(tirusulam-pallavaram-chromepet).  Get down at Chromepet station. Just
infront of you, you can see the MIT board. (Back entrance).

From Egmore:

  * Catch an electric train from egmore to chromepet station.

From Central:

  * From central walk 5 minutes to reach Park Station. From Park station
catch an electric train to Chromepet Station.

  Back entrance (chromepet rly. station)  is the best way to reach MIT.  
Those who are coming by vehicle will face problem.  They can't enter
through back entrance.  They must come thru' Main Entrance.  Near the main
entrance, also there is a railway crossing & some underground work is
going on to build a over bridge. so you have to come through Tambaram
Sanatorium way or the shortcut through radhanagar road to enter MIT.

if you find any difficulty in reaching MIT, just stay at Chromepet Bus
stop and call  2402711 for help.


M K Saravanan, 
Design Engineer,
The AU-KBC Centre for Internet & Telecom Technologies,
Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University,
Chrompet, Chennai 600 044.
Tamilnadu, INDIA

email: mksarav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ph & FAX (Off):  (091) (044) 2402711