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Help needed on display updates...

 Hi all

 I am looking for a trick to update display at very fast rate..

I have a program that generates set of integers and I have to copy those
integers as pixels on the screen. 

 Now the problem is  display flickers a lot. I have to pull down the
refresh rate in my program to keep display smooth. I need to find out how
can I do it at higher refresh rates.

Also if I select an area with mouse click and indicate that area using
rectangle(Something I can do over the desktop to select multiple icons),
then display goes really bouncy..

What I use...
 I am using Qt and I have already implemented double buffering using
pixmaps. That has nulled most of the flicker. But not acceptable yet.. If
I write a simple test program that draws a long cross hair at mouse point,
it lags way too much behind the current point..

My hardware
 Celeron 400/64MB/Cirrus logic 5430, 1MB..

I know it's bit low on video card, but it has to do. I mean KDE can do the
rectangle stuff nicely, then what's the niche I am missing?

I compiled mesa but I am not familiar with OpenGL. I tried searching for
on line documention, but have got anything much yet. 

Any pointers please..


P.S. If this is a stupid query, flame me personally, lately I have been
posting a lot of them. It seems my programming skills are really stinking.