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Re: [linux-delhi] lynx and pdf

You caught me:)
The ee in the second line should not have been there... my mistake!

ee  is electric eyes... an image viewer, so for viewing jpegs and gif's
it's fine.
The line for pdf should be:

VIEWER:application/pdf:xpdf %s:XWINDOWS


Ajit Ranade wrote:
> thanks!
> one more qs-
> you said the setting should be-
> VIEWER:image/jpeg:ee %s&:XWINDOWS
> VIEWER:application/pdf:xpdf %s:ee %s&:XWINDOWS
> what's the "ee" after jpeg above? also what's ee doing in the command
> line for xpdf? isn't ee an editor?
> thanks again
> ajit.

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