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Re: [linux-delhi] lynx and pdf

lynx.cfg says:

# MIME types may be assigned to external viewers using
# the VIEWER definition.
# NOTE: if you do not define a viewer to a new MIME type
#       that you assigned above then it will be saved to
#       disk by default.
#       It is normally preferable to define new viewers in
#       MAILCAP files (see below) instead of here:  Definitions
#       here are overridden by those in MAILCAP files and even
#       by some built-in defaults in src/HTInit.c.
# The VIEWER definition takes the form of:
#    VIEWER:<mime type>:<viewer command>[:environment]

So, in your lynx.cfg, add a MIME type for pdf:


Add a viewer for the MIME type:

VIEWER:image/jpeg:ee %s&:XWINDOWS
VIEWER:application/pdf:xpdf %s:ee %s&:XWINDOWS

save, restart Lynx, and there you are!

You can do some small changes like changiung your Text editor from vi to
pico and back, etc, by pressing "o" when using lynx.

Hope this of use!

Ajit Ranade wrote:
> when i click on a link to a pdf file in an html document, while using
> lynx, it asks me "download (D) or cancel (C)?". i would like it to
> start "gv" instead.  how can i do this? ditto for images. i would like
> it to start (say) "xview". is this possible?
> thanks,
> ajit.
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