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Re: Keeping files in sync across machine


I've considered this possibility.
I don't have much experience in mounting file systems across machines.
My worry is that
a) Can we rely on the mount, given the fact that the machines may be in
geographically different locations, like one machine in US and the other in
b) How would the performance be of the file write in this case.

Other than network mount is there any other method, utility that can do the


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From: Kedar Patankar <kedar@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: linux-india-programmers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 03 April 2000 19:42
Subject: Re: [LIP] Keeping files in sync across machine

>> We have a CGI/Perl application, where it is required to keep a particular
>> file replicated all the time across machines. Can anybody give me
>> on how to keep the file updated live across machines.
>> rsync only refreshes in batch and is not good enough.
> Do you mean to say that you want the file to be _continuously_
>updated across machines?? In that case why not use some kind of n/w file
>system (nfs/smb whatever) and make all the machines use the remotely
>mounted version of that file?
> Kedar.
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